Our primary goal it to achieve Excellence at each and every step thus making sure the products are flawless.


Professionals crafting every device to perfection to make sure you don’t have to worry.


Experts working hand in hand to make sure each device is as precise as possible.

Solace Electronics is focused on building Machine-to-Machine Networking and communication solutions to enable Machines and humans to communicate seamlessly over the INTERNET. Our vision is to play a part in creating a green future, while bringing the “Internet of Things” technology closer to the people for improving their living standards.

Want to add monitoring and control functionality? Convert your system to a smart system?

Great, you are at the right place. We provide an Internet Of Things platform based on Zigbee wireless technology.

Our platform is capable of delivering compelling solutions in various markets including but not limited to cold storage, street lights, smart offices and smart homes. We provide solutions based on the requirements delivered with precision and perfection.

Few of our current Products

  • Virus Fighter
  • Smart Modular Switch for electrical appliances
  • Synchronous motor driver for TPW Fan applications
  • BLDC alternator drive (1kw, 6kw & 8kw)
  • BLDC outdoor unit motor drive
  • AOTU power cutoff for microwaves

Our Vision

Our mission is to leverage our assessment capabilities, engineering and quality functions, and increase the value of electronic technologies, which will continue to innovate, meeting customer demands, contributing to the creation of richer lives and a richer society, increasing our own corporate value, and bringing joy to our employees and their families.

Our Customers

  • Planning the plan
  • Setting up the Goal
  • Determining actions
  • Mobilising resources
  • Achieving Solutions

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”


Working according to a plan is way of achieving success. We plan our work and work our plan to achieve success

About Us

Established in Jan’20 Solace Electronics is an Indian company designing and developing electronics solutions on various platforms.

Solace Electronics is focused on building Machine-to-Machine Networking and Communication Solutions to enable seamless communication between machines and humans over the Internet. Our vision is to play a part in creating a greener and brighter future, while bringing Internet of Things closer to the people to improve their living standards.